Water is our lifeblood!

The human body consists of about 65 – 70 percent water, with young people this is even more – and with older people this can decrease due to certain slagging symptoms. A person with a body weight of 80 kg has about 10 litres of intercellular fluid (the lymph = connective tissue fluid) that is bound in the cells as cell water. The rest is being distributed in the blood and organs.

A human being is to a certain extent comparable in his biological properties to an aquarium. And similar to the latter, he should also be cared for. A careful aquarium owner takes care that the fish are provided with fresh oxygen-rich water and nutrients and that a sufficient pH value of the water of 7.2 can be maintained.

The lymph in the human body should also have this value. Optimally, the lymphatic fluid has hexagonally shaped molecules – comparable to natural spring water.

However, such an objective can hardly be achieved due to the damage caused by massive environmental influences, bad eating habits and artificially generated electromagnetic fields of radio radiation of all kinds. Only people who are barely reached by radio radiation and who feed on vitamins and electrons from their own gardens can possibly achieve this.

The technology of the 5D hyperwave can neutralise such a disturbance potential in a health-promoting manner with its creation of nature-identical fields (ionisation). This is done by energizing the tap water and the permanent suppression of the body to optimize the metabolism.

A coherence is established in the human body. In a coherent environment, water can optimally deacidify and send the electronic signals for metabolism to the according places in the body.

Clean and orderly structured water in spring water quality is therefore an important factor in the human body to prevent inflammatory processes. Contact us to find out about optimum water supply and about the filtering of water in the household.

In the following file this regeneration process of drinking water is presented. The food manufacturer Soyana (Zürich, Switzerland) has analysed tap water from Zürich, from a shopping centre. Soyana has their own lab (LifeLabVision). Here, water is documented that a) was untreated and b) was influenced by 5D hyperwave fields.

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