Sun Sound

The Sun Sound Chip is the basic symbol of the 5D hyperwave technology. The Sun Sound Chip symbolizes the sun, from the center of which the permanent oscillation of natural fields is vibrating.

The continuous generation of this field which is oscillating clockwise provides a preventive protective space which is caused by an ionization effect, as we find it in nature. The high intensity of oxygen that we feel in our respiratory organs in a forest is comparable to this kind of field. In this field, bio organisms of all kinds – plants, animals, humans, food – are supplied with free, clockwise rotating electrons.

Nowadays it is more important than ever that technology adapts to the functionality of nature. This generated field is thus in harmony with the natural vibration, i.e. in the same „tone“. This technology neutralizes all artificially generated radio rays – which are characteristic to the „digital age“. At the same time it regulates the geological electro-smog that arises from water veins, distortions and radiation from magnetic fields. So there is a one-stop-solution, or a package which contains all functionalities needed for this use.