Safe Space Card Nature – the robust card for travelling and for everyday use

The natural field which is being created by the information stored on the card can envelop the body in a safe space. Here the same effect occurs as with the WiFi stickers and Mobile Phone Stickers from 5D hyperwave®: the radiation which is reaching the body from different sources is made biocompatible (body-compatible) by means of the frequency conversion in the non-visible light spectrum.

Users report a warming effect and pain relief when attaching the Safe Space Card Nature to affected body parts. Many users also wear them on their lower back (sacrum).

People who react sensitively to electrosmog are very grateful that they have regained more mobility and quality of life with the Safe Space Card Nature.

The Safe Space Card is especially good for harmonizing information of food and drinks by placing the card underneath and letting it work for a few minutes. Especially on drinks like water, juice, beer or wine you will taste the difference. This can be substantiated with our test, which you can find on our site at Here you can clearly see that the water structure is harmonized by the influence of the irradiation with the Safe Space Card.

Like the amulet, it is a valuable flight accessory and has proven to be an optimal prevention against electromagnetic interference for people who have to travel frequently by air. Especially on longer flights, our customers report that they arrive more rested and have more energy than if they had flown the same route without.

When the card is placed in the crib or in a buggy, it provides the child with original life energy through the frequency neutralization.

In cars, the card also has a preventive effect, especially when radio communication devices are online. The interior of the car is a Faraday cage. Therefore, mobile phone radiation and other electromagnetic fields in this environment have a negative effect for living organisms. However, if you wear the Safe Space Card on your body or place it on the dashboard, it will also create a restful frequency effect in the car.

As with all our products, users feel peace and relief. The body intelligence can use this force to activate the self-healing powers.

The print is protected by a laminate film, so scratches that occur during use or wearing do not cause any reduction in effectiveness.

You can carry the card in your pants pocket or breast pocket, for example. The closer to the body, the more effective the protection.

In combination with our cell phone chip on the cell phone, there can even be an increase in the energy level of the body, as the field becomes stronger.  This can be seen in our conducted pilot study with a GDV- Biowell measuring device:

Product features

  • field of effect: 3.5 m
  • Efficiency: natural 99,9 % ++
  • Size: Like a credit card. 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm
  • Thickness: appr. 1 mm
  • glossy print on both sides
  • Bend protection due to the thickness of the card
  • robust in humid or wet environments, washable

Oily, damp or dirty hands can hardly harm these cards. It is washable, very resistant and therefore ideal for use in extreme conditions such as at construction sites, locksmiths, garden centers, swimming pools or in mining.

The card is made of biodegradable, organic plastic, no renewable resources! Thus, it neither contributes to food shortages nor does it use up agricultural resources. The raw material is recycled plastic (99%), to which a special enzyme has been added. This enzyme enables biological degradation by microorganisms in a period of 9 months to 5 years. The cards are made of organic plastic and can thus be used like conventional plastic cards for up to 10 or 20 years in warm, cold or wet environments. Only when the cards are professionally composted does their biological degradation begin.