Ralf GehlertAfter years of research and practical work, Ralf founded the company 5D hyperwave on September 1st, 2017. However, because he passed on on February 28th, 2019, the company had to be closed temporarily.

The foundation of the company had resulted from the fact that Ralf had been consulting manufacturers in the field of electrosmog reduction/conversion/resolution for many years, as he could also test their products for their efficiency, sustainability and truthfulness and always spent a lot of time researching information in the morphological field (what he called „Hyperraum“/“Hyperspace“) which works on a quantum physical level.

That´s why he wanted to develop something of his own.

By informing the then so phrased „5D Hyperwave Field“ he succeeded because he could bring in his specific knowledge as a biontologist.

The all-in-one solution for techno- and geopathic interference fields was created.

Together with his partner Annett Möbius and the designer Claus Reinhold, Ralf was able to design a radiation harmonizing and prophylactic technology, which is presented and offered with simple flexible products. This technology is based on only a few symbols – for the sake of clarity. Products include a cell phone sticker and a W-LAN router sticker that are simply stuck on, a mobile safe space card and energy graphics that serve to harmonize space.

Ralf’s basic idea of color spectra and symbolism was implemented very precisely and extremely intelligently by Claus Reinhold, so that the latter represents a high impact factor for this significant technology.

The 5D hyperwave field also renders all geopathic interference fields (e.g. water veins, faults and intersections of different radiation grids) ineffective for humans – and thus for users who install these products in their homes or wear them.

The 5D hyperwave technology also provides protection for the next generation of mobile phones.

Statement of Ralf Gehlert:

The electrosmog suppression of external radiation alone is not enough, the user of the products must also act responsibly. The effect of radiation suppression will be enhanced by a healthy water balance in the human body. The water balance in humans can be compared with that of an aquarium, which needs oxygenated water. On this basis, the human lymphatic system remains slightly alkaline and the removal of waste products functions well. Drinking still alkaline active water and e.g. a redox water with halite salt provides an additional energy increase in the body (accumulation of free electrons).

This is especially important for people whose life energy is below 50 percent. After sufficient energy build-up, a careful detoxification is necessary to better ensure the energy stability of the body. Barley grass powder, zeolite, chlorella and spirulina can effectively support this.

A sufficient supply of natural vitamins, especially vitamin C (not synthetic) and minerals, a balanced diet, as well as long walks in the quiet nature with many trees is also necessary. All this promotes the holistic way of life, with which one can walk healthy until the end of life on planet earth.

An important advice:

Free your mind of negative thoughts“.

This means reconciling with the past and living in the here and now. Experience has shown that a beautiful future will result from a balanced life without worries and struggle. The idea, that „Life is a struggle“, is, in my opinion, a trained set of beliefs that puts people under constant pressure. Hopi Indians used to say: “ If the white man removes the word „fight“ from his vocabulary, then the time for peace has come.“

The pressure of expectation which arises from society and even the core family is an additional burden for any person who wants to grow up and mature. This creates internal electromagnetic turmoil, which causes loss of electrons.

„loss of electrons = loss of energy“

Artificially generated electromagnetic fields create left-turning electrons in the body which cause energy loss, the so-called entropy (vitality-consuming).

The inversion, the so-called negative entropy (vitality enhancing) creates clockwise torsional waves. This way, the „body battery“ is being charged. These are measured findings of the so-called „new energy medicine“.

It is a self-made experience through my education in biophoton therapy in 2008 and 2009. Based on the principles of Professor Dr. Albert Popp (biophoton research since the 1970s), I learned how to work with nature-identical light frequencies and how to use them to inform materials or symbols.

I have succeeded in applying a greater light information spectrum to materials such as mobile phone stickers and stickers for WiFi routers/modems.

In the same way the symbols are informed, which harmonize apartments, houses and offices – an ALL-IN-ONE solution and a prevention which works 24/7.

The stored information can also not be deleted by external influence and has an optimal lasting effect for a very, very long time. The stored information does not become weaker.

On the contrary, because I notice that it is oscillating more and more and it is developing more and more free electrons and also the Bovis values are constantly increasing. It looks as if it swings up infinitely. External influences can´t affect this in a negative way.

The body intelligence of people in the vicinity of these products can choose what frequencies are necessary to regulate the electron balance in their bodies. A note to all sceptics: Mind and body are intelligent enough to make right decisions. I speak from my own experience and I can refer to the observation of many electro-sensitive people who have experienced great relief.

„A healthy mind creates healthy matter“

Ralf was a father of three and a multiple grandfather. This was also an important reason for his product development in quantum physics. It has been clearly proven that children, adolescents and embryos are more exposed to electrosmog and high frequencies. The skullcaps of the above-mentioned groups are much thinner than those of other people and therefore offer hardly any natural protection against high frequencies. But even adults are not thoroughly protected by nature.

The blood-brain barrier, which is supposed to perform an important protective function, is severely impaired if the skull is exposed to too much frequency radiation. Due to the constantly repeating pulsed frequencies of mobile phone towers, this protective function of the blood-brain barrier is massively restricted and disturbed. Baby monitors in the children’s room should also definitely be interference-suppressed. Young mothers who have got a mobile phone which is protected by a sticker or cover build up a mobile protective field for their child. The same is the case with tablets and laptops.

People who use wireless Bluetooth headphones to make phone calls for long periods of time have measurably strong blockages on the meridians (according to traditional Chinese medicine TCM) on the side of the face where the device sits – this is caused by artificially generated electromagnetic fields.

This is easy to measure with bioresonance devices that are officially approved as medical devices to make that protection visible – many tests have already been carried out by therapists. The meridians (energy pathways of the body) are paralyzed by high-frequency electrosmog, as well as by our own inner electrosmog (destructive thoughts).

I am glad that I have found a solution to this. It seems necessary to offer your body a prophylactic protection / interference-suppression which works 24/7.

What makes 5D hyperwave technology stand out from other interference suppression and transformation technologies?

„Electrosmog is not being technically suppressed or reduced“.

We are talking about the complete transformation of all artificially generated electromagnetic fields through the creation of nature-identical fields. The transmitted frequencies are made biocompatible by the conversion process.