Pineal Gland Activation

This is an important process that is supported by the frequency information on the symbol and by the self-healing powers. The pineal gland is permanently suppressed by the strong environmental influences. This means that the frequency of the pineal gland, which is usually 8 Hz, is being lowered. When the frequency is lowered, the body becomes imbalanced. Because here again:

„loss of electrons = loss of energy“

Many scientists say that the pineal gland is the light receiver of the human body. Without light, no life can flourish. The Scandinavians and other people with the same geographical conditions get to feel it in their own bodies. The pineal gland must therefore be guided to perform according to its full capacity. It also needs sufficient sunlight. The technical term for the pineal gland: epiphysis. The pineal gland is a small gland in the centre of the brain and is located about 5mm in diameter behind the thalamus. It is extremely important for mental, physical and also spiritual health. It is responsible for converting the serotonin (the happiness hormone) which has been produced in the brain during the day into melatonin for the night. Melatonin controls the wake-sleep rhythm. Melatonin also has a strong anti-oxidative potential, which effectively reduces cell damage.

Serotonin and melatonin are neurotransmitters. They are the body’s own messenger substances that perform their function as connection points in all nerve cells of the body and pass on the electrical impulses from there.

The pineal gland is strongly affected by fluorides and high-frequency electrosmog. It is also damaged if people spend too long in rooms with artificial light. The pineal gland cannot work properly due to these influences and the melatonin level drops.

This can be seen above all in the fact that employees are increasingly taking sick leave or, for example in call centres, positions are very often vacated and reassigned. This is also evident in the IT sector and in all open-plan offices or offices with disproportionately large digital equipment. The number of people suffering from chronic fatigue is rising rapidly. We can offer special solutions for larger rooms and buildings.