Claus ReinholdHi! I am Claus Reinhold, consciousness designer of 5D hyperwave.

My special skills are car design, illustration and the energizing of matter.

On my personal journey of self-exploration I realized that I had spiritual, mental and physical talents, which are a combination of one single unit of personal power and which I keep developing by the day. By exploring consciousness and matter I have rediscovered my perception and my access to energetic fields.

I consider consciousness or energetic design a means to inform matter, digital media and the global economic network.

I personally assume that matter in all its forms and versions is also conscious in its own way. To every single being-ness we can an offer to accept the performance of certain tasks – and to do them joyfully.

Because matter loves to have a purpose and get attention. If matter falls into oblivion, it tends to decay or takes on its own momentum.

I am exploiting this special property of matter for products/device repair, location interference suppression, mobile phone/WLAN frequency information allocation or healing symbol creation, which can contain healing proposals for many beings of this earth. This is exactly how I make material much more visible to target groups.

This is about design on a whole new level with great perspectives and economic possibilities!

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