This works through a quantum-physical process in the form of storage on silicon color spectrum images and film chips. In homeopathy globules are used as storage media.

Shh… Trade secret. This was not done in a purely mechanical way, but by a photometric process.


For example:

On the one hand, evidence is provided through the reports of reference customers who, prior to the purchase of the products, were no longer able to function in everyday life and were mainly in their shielded domestic prisons. By using the products, they have regained the freedom to move around as they please – even outside.

We also carried out a water test in the LifeLabVision laboratory at Soyana in Switzerland using water crystallization images. The fantastic results of the ordering power of 5D hyperwave are published on our website under the section „Water“.

On the basis of blood tests by darkfield microscopy you can also prove the effect (make a call with a cell phone while its interferences are either not suppressed or suppressed by our products).

Tests by a qualified kinesiologist (the human body does not lie).

This is due to the efficiency of 99.9 %, which is an important unique property – as well as the stability and sustainability of the permanent field development by the products.

We achieve this 99.9 % through our special knowledge about the information storage of light frequencies and this is the result of more than ten years of research since 2008 through measurement results in biophoton therapy with electroacupuncture.

That can be expected. Some users may subjectively perceive this in a different way. We observe this and then advise accordingly. It may be that you should protect yourself even more intensively on the road and outside your own home. We have to observe technological developments in this regard. For the interior of buildings, the protection level of our products is sufficient, which we have delivered to specific customers after an individual consultation. This protection already refers to higher frequency ranges than 2.45 GHz (current transmission frequency of mobile phone radiation).

Since the 5D hyperwave field is constantly building up, we assume that the effect will not diminish except in the case of damage to the stickers or to the energy frequency images. The product has been in existence for two years and works without fluctuation.

No. The reason is simple: The conversion procedure does not run in the frequency range of the provider’s transmission frequency. Radio stations also work with different frequency ranges, as do radio operators.

Yes absolutely, because everyone is affected by the many radio beams of all kinds, even if you do not perceive it at the moment. There are only a few people who still live permanently at a location that is not reached by mobile phone radiation. That is a blessing.

In every residence you can be additionally affected by earth radiation, so-called geopathic interference fields, for example water veins. All this has long-term consequences.

There is nothing to be said against interference suppression of private or business mobile phones or smartphones – as well as the WiFi router and the fuse box (also at home and at work). Anyone who is not in a dead zone and is therefore exposed to mobile phone radiation will have their energetic body charge weakened. Ionisation by 5D hyperwave can be used to recharge the body’s energy without the need for cables, in the same way as mobile phones recharge their batteries. A body whose energetic strength is weak can only function in a reduced way.

If the living space is fully equipped, the feeling of change can come more long-termed. The taste of food or drinking water can also change if the products can take effect in the home over time or if, for example, the SafeCard is placed directly under drinking glasses or plates. Many small changes may not be noticed so quickly in everyday life because the user’s attention is limited by stress. We therefore recommend that you wear a Safe Space Card on your head for several hours. You can keep it fixed under a hat for example. Many people who could only make phone calls via mobile phones, wireless phones or smartphones in pain no longer have these symptoms since they started using the mobile phone sticker or the SafeCard. This can proudly be mentioned.

Even if the stickers/ SafeCards will always be effective, you should ask us to carry out a case-by-case needs assessment regarding the other products for a precise, individual answer.

Generally speaking, one Starter Set BIG and one to three energy frequency images should be sufficient. The Starter Set BIG contains the Safe Space Card for mobile use, two WiFi stickers for WiFi routers and the power fuse box, as well as four mobile phone stickers.

I live in an apartment building. Does 5D hyperwave protect me from the radiation of neighbouring apartments (WiFi, microwave, etc.)?

Yes, it does, with optimum product equipment. Such protection is guaranteed just as much as on the road. Wherever you leave the house, you can stay protected from the harmful effects of mobile phone waves with these products. Actually, you also happen to be protecting your neighbors.

We dispatch the goods after order and receipt of payment. We grant a 30-day right of return, according our General Terms and Conditions and the Right of Withdrawal.

The products can be used for general living space harmonization, water energization, food energization and protection against the area-wide microwave radiation from outside and neighbors (WiFi networks), protection against WiFi and radio radiation of all kinds, also infrasound and protection against geopathic interference fields (water veins, magnetic lines, distortions, tidal range etc.)

Stick it in a free space between the fuses or on the inside of the box door.

Such a question arises only in cases where the third party harmonization products do not yet give the user a complete sense of security. With 99.9 % efficiency, 5D hyperwave has a regulatory influence on other technologies that do not have 99.9 % efficiency and are technically informed. You still can decide then whether you just replace other provider´s products or try to have them both in place.


Photo print of the energy graphics on a light, dimensionally stable, 3 mm thick aluminum plate for innovative wall design in residential interiors and offices. High-resolution fine art print, matt, true to detail and color.

Plastic core between 2 white aluminum plates.

Due to the weatherproof UV – print these graphics are also suitable for outdoor use.

This version is available from a size of 40 cm x 40 cm.


The smooth surface reproduces the energy graphics true to detail in brilliant fine art quality and makes it a unique gallery object.

Detailed, very precise print that will fascinate you every day and again and again.

5 mm thick rigid foam board, dimensionally stable and extremely light image carrier, high-resolution UV direct print, matt.

This version is available from a size of 40 cm x 40 cm.


Extra clear real glass, no green cast for brilliant colors. Only the best white glass (Optiwhite) is used for perfect color reproduction.

Crystal-clear, finely polished and beveled edges complete the noble frameless design and the unique character of the energy graphic.

Note: Print on 6 mm thick real glass. You receive brilliance and depth effect, which cannot be achieved with 3-4mm glass thickness.

The imprint is visible from both sides.

Clamp brackets or adjustable feet can be supplied. Transillumination is possible. Adhesive holders can shine through. If you want to use adhesive holders, it is possible to obtain an opaque print (for extra charge).

Attention: The glass print is sensitive to scratches on the printed side. Therefore, use the holders only if you do not want to claim your right of withdrawal.

This version is available from a size of 30 cm x 30 cm.

Acrylic glass images

Add the right background to your energy graphic with a beautiful acrylic glass image to make it really stand out!

Acrylic paintings have brilliant colors, high-gloss optics and frameless elegance. Photos on acrylic glass give every motif a unique depth effect and look beautiful as well in galleries as well as in the living room at home.

This version is available from a size of 40 cm x 40 cm.

Acrylic glass pictures are sensitive to scratches and fingerprints on the surface.

You would like an additional suitable frame for your acrylic glass picture? Ask us.

Direct print

The 6-colour UV print used in direct acrylic printing gives your energy image a remarkable color brilliance, high sharpness and amazing depth effect (usually, only 4 colors are used in the industry). With acrylic glass direct printing, the energy graphic is printed from behind directly onto the 4 mm thick acrylic glass.

The color application of acrylic paintings is sealed on the back with 3 layers of pure white. This additional coating protects your acrylic print, makes it durable and ensures strong contrasts and rich colors. Acrylic glass pictures, which were produced in the direct printing process, are extremely robust and can also be hung wonderfully in protected outdoor areas.

This version is available from a size of 40 cm x 40 cm.


This is the professional version for galleries, hotels etc.

The photo is first printed on premium photo paper using state-of-the-art 12-colour fine art printers. Every smallest detail and every color nuance of the motif is thus perfectly reproduced. The photo print is then connected (laminated) with a 4 mm thick acrylic glass plate. The true-color, true-to-detail print on high-quality photo paper in combination with stylish acrylic glass guarantees an impressive depth of focus.

Do you want your energy image on acrylic fineart print? Then ask us, we will make you an individual offer.