Client feedback

Sebastian Sterff of Ruhpolding (February 2020):

Dear Ms. Möbius,

because I was a competitive athlete, I always had problems with the meniscus. While changing trains in a hurry at the station in Rosenheim, I had twisted my foot on the stairs and the pain started again. Since the normal ointments didn’t help at all, my knee was really swollen, I put the Safe Space Card into the stocking with my knee sock, lo and behold, after 3-4 days the pain was gone and was also no longer swollen. Since then I have been wearing the Safe Space Card in my knee sock and I am now pain-free. I have also put the cell phone sticker on the back of my phone and I carry the Safe Space Card with me as I make a lot of business calls. So, I no longer have headaches, especially when I use the phone. I also use the 20 x 20 energy graphs at my workplace, since then I have more energy and can work for longer periods of time without getting tired. An energy graph in my apartment has significantly changed my sleep patterns. Since then I often sleep deeper and also longer than I have experienced before. I am very grateful to Ms. Möbius for such great inventions.

Sebastian Sterff

Inventor and scientist in the area of drinking water

D-83324 Ruhpolding

T. Scharf (August 2020):

Good morning, Ms Möbius,

Thanks for shipping out your products so quickly. It works great and I can finally feel an effect. I am really going to recommend the product to other people.

All the best!

T. Scharf


Dietmar Lehmann of Leipzig (February 2020)

Dear Ms. Möbius,

on Tuesday morning I went down the stairs and I missed the last step and so I slipped (the lower steps are made of stone). Now I landed awkwardly on my right heel and thought that didn’t feel good. During the day I felt the pain in my foot again and again. In the evening, back home, I thought: „I have the Safe Space Card Nature in my pocket, I can put it in my sock on my foot as well“ and so I did. On Wednesday, the pain had already eased considerably. I wore the card on my foot like this until last night and the pain is really gone, there is no swelling at all. I am very grateful for such a wonderful product.

Best wishes.

Dietmar Lehmann, Leipzig

R.S., Switzerland (February 2020):

I have had multiple sclerosis for 19 years and actually the disease has never caused me any serious problems, this changed suddenly when I moved into a new house. From that point on, my physical complaints became much worse. My physical weakness increased from week to week and walking became increasingly difficult. In the morning I could hardly get out of bed, my body was so weak and stiff. Then I had the house tested and it turned out that a radon vein, a fault line and a water vein ran under my house. Then by chance I became aware of 5D hyperwave and ordered a 20cm x 20 cm graphic and a Safe Space Card.

Christian Präsent then advised me where exactly to position them and now I get up in the morning without problems. My body feels neither stiff nor weak.

R.S., Switzerland

Doris H.:

Dear Ms. Möbius,

Thanks for shipping out your products so quickly. Yesterday the letter arrived and I was able to try out the Safe Space Card overnight. I slept wonderfully and got up refreshed 🙂

You didn’t promise too much. I am even enthusiastic to a great extent, because I have often had high blood pressure and various heart problems before. I even changed my sleeping place several times, but this did not help my health. I only started to feel good again when I started using the Safe Space Card and the mobile phone stickers.

We will contact you again in the next few days, because my husband also wants to have the Safe Space Card and then we are still interested in the larger graphics.

Best wishes

Doris H.

C. F.:

Dear Ms. Möbius,

Thanks for shipping out your products so quickly. The effect of the product is really great. I put the Safe Space Card on my thymus gland and now I have no more pressure on my ears and feel somehow more awake- fresher- clearer, just great. My heart chakra feels like it has just been reactivated. That is really a wonderful feeling.

Thank you very much.

Ingeborg H.:

Dear Ms. Möbius,

Ever since we saw each other at the fair in Göttingen, I’ve started carrying 5 D hyperwave products with me. I would immediately notice whenever I forget.

Birgit S.

Good morning,

I am glad to share my feedback here.

After having completely given up to be seen by doctors for my chronic pain and burnout syndrome and in search for a solution to my restlessness, pain, panic and anxiety during the day, I have started experiencing the 5D hyperwave Safe Space Card as considerable help for my health. It helps me to a great extend regarding my above-mentioned symptoms.

I arrived at the Healing Arts Fair in Überlingen with a great restlessness. Just the mobile phone sticker in my hand to test the effect already helped me considerably to reduce this existing restlessness in body and mind. I feel like I am in a safe zone with the products. I can also think and feel more clearly. The tensions in my body have eased, especially in my cervical spine, I can breathe more calmly and think more clearly.

The Safe Space Card also has the effect that I can protect myself from unclear vibrations in the interpersonal sphere, so that my energy level remains stable during the day and at night.

The immune system is also more stable, I no longer feel „sick“. I make decisions with greater ease – in my life situation I feel considerably strengthened; I no longer have the feeling that my energy is suddenly greatly reduced.

I have been able to develop a more differentiated perception of my environment. This change is very revealing and confirms to me that the radiation that surrounds us every day, WiFi routers, mobile phone masts and electromagnetic fields, has a deeply destructive impact on our health on several levels. All this is very often the cause for chronic illnesses and symptoms.

The inner restlessness is one of the numerous destructive effects of this radiation which is cause for numerous mis-regulations and effects in the human body, for example for psychiatric symptoms and consequences. This made me feel especially stressed, depressed and hypersensitive. I can take this card with me everywhere, I can put it in or under the bed at night. My energy field is more stable and calmer, I breathe with a greater awareness and I no longer feel so rushed.

Thank you very much for this product!

Best wishes from The Bodensee

Birgit S.

Maria B.:

Dear Mr Gehlert,

I got your cell phone stickers on Thursday and can I just say how AWESOME they are? The effect is incredibly fascinating for me, not to put it into words. For the first time in 20 years I am completely and utterly happy! I just can RELAX. If the effect of your sticker will hold up for long that means for me after many years to be able to book a hotel, to be able to travel and so much more! etc. etc.

I hope that will keep up. In the past I have had products which worked at first but then they stopped functioning. But here I actually have the feeling that everything is right.

I have already recommended it to my brother and sister-in-law who might want to „equip“ a large company with it … and if the product continues working, I will gladly continue to promote it.

I am so, so grateful! I will keep you posted how it furtherly goes….

Best wishes.

Maria B.

Evelyn L.:

Thanks to a very valuable recommendation from S. we have been proud users of the Hyperwave stickers since 03/13.

On a daily base we are using the Safe Space Card, too. The positive effects on our physical health are very noticeable. For a year I suffered from extreme exhaustion, loss of appetite, anxiety disorders. That has now – with this product – stopped. At last I feel lightness, real joy of life.

Thanks, Ralf, for your products and thanks, S., for the recommendation.

Jörg E.:

Hi Ralf,

You sent me a very detailed elaboration of the felt energies. But I am not so sensitive that I can perceive all this. But the Electric Smog Harmony laminate image is already very strong. I can work much more relaxed in the office. I am no longer so tense, but I feel an exquisite calmness. I also have the notion that my pineal gland has become more active again.


Jörg E.

Feedback from six-year-old Samuel on the Crystalline Cell Sound 20 x 20 cm:

Hi Ralf,

Finally, I am finding time to write you.

Today I received your product and I am very happy about it. When Samuel touched the laminated image, he felt that it literally opened his heart – more than the universe itself could have done that.

We will feel and observe the vibration for the next days, then I will tell you about it again.

Christine B.

Stephanie V.:

Since I have been using the cell phone sticker, I am calmer, more balanced, and can center better – in an almost unprecedented way. I no longer feel stressed and I no longer need a nap. This is an absolute blessing for me. We now have these stickers on our WiFi router, on our power box and on all mobile phones of all family members. We seem to be much more peaceful and we fight less. Also, I am now sleeping through the night and waking up very rested. I can highly recommend the 5D hyperwave products. Also, we now have some laminated pictures 20 x 20 cm that harmonize the room climate and also filter the earth’s radiation and for when I’m on the road I have the Safe Space Card. We now really feel at home like in a security room.

Stephanie V.

Hotel City Villach

Room harmonization in the Hotel City, Villach

5D hyperwave products give the Hotel City in Villach a „5th star“. There is a new, ionizing feel-good indoor climate throughout the building.

A sophisticated harmonization process through frequency neutralization enables guests to enjoy a pleasant stay. This applies especially to people who are electro-sensitive. Many users of this room harmonization experience a better sleep quality, a higher ability to concentrate and an increase in vitality.

Thank you for your trust and willingness to install the sticker system.

Symbolically, for us as a manufacturer it is the “fifth star“ of the house. Use this effective advantage in Hotel City – these products can also be used in your private home and on the road.

Ralf Gehlert, Co-Founder of 5D hyperwave.

The „Home“ as a „Power Center“

The Home as Power Center – Field report 2018 by Alexander Zahn

About me: I am male, 31 years old, working as a physical therapist. I run a practice for physical treatments, healing and energy work. The following can be said about my apartment: It is located in Dresden and has an area of 55m². I receive signals from 16 – 26 WiFi routers from the neighbourhood. All the effects mentioned above I have experienced myself.

General perceptions

The joint project intention with Ralf and 5D hyperwave has created a field that is more and more intensifying. In the image of the „power place at home“, for example, an energetically strong force field, a vortex of light, is generated. The apartment feels like paradise. A very restful area, a place of power, a place of healing has been created. 5D hyperwave’s products do far more than just eliminate electro-smog. Rather, they are also oriented directly at the levels of healing and expansion of consciousness. They support transformational processes of the body-mind system.

The range of frequencies/information of the products is holistic, rich, nourishing and covers many frequencies. The body energy system/the subtle information system of people who are staying within a field generated by the products attracts exactly the frequencies it needs for vitality/healing.

I have been using these products for about 4 months. During this time, my food allergies, which I had suffered from since childhood, have significantly decreased.

I feel more resilient, stable and clear. My inner and medial abilities have increased and strengthened. I can perceive energies more clearly, I am more sensitive to my feelings. I can distinguish myself more clearly from external energies. I can recognize fear patterns much more clearly. I feel a far more intense feeling of peace and serenity. My meditative states have become deeper and more effective. I also feel very supported in my healing work. Comparable to homeopathic products, there was a kind of „initial worsening of the body symptoms“ within the first week of the product installation. Afterwards the indoor climate had harmonized. During the first weeks/months I could notice intensive physical detoxification processes. Accordingly, I interpreted the feeling of a permanent flu with continuous fatigue or weakness (also in the legs) in combination with other symptoms as clear signs of a body detoxification. This lasted for about 4 months. My body is now clearly purified, my system has harmonized and is now in balance. My allergies are hardly noticeable. I have a heightened feeling of energy and an intensified clarity of perception. I also feel more stable and comfortable.

Cats are known to seek and find sources of interference. But since the products have been available in my home, the neighbour’s cat stopped visiting me. That might indicate an interference suppression.

If you stick the mobile phone sticker on a water pipe or a carafe of water, the water is clearly upgraded in terms of energy and taste. I have never experienced such a good effect with gemstones nor with other symbolic images (such as: flower of life).

Impact test of the laminated 5D hyperwave symbol images

Crystalline Cell Sound

This symbol has a clearly positive effect on the body, in a clearing and detoxifying way. Even at the cellular level, the body seems to open up. This is especially the case in the heart-pelvis area, which leads to a higher grounding of the body energy system. This symbolic image has a harmonizing effect on the entire body field in its natural frequency. It has a very calming effect.

Pineal Gland Activation

This symbol has a very calming effect. If necessary, the quality of sleep increases. This symbol opens the head-brain area on the subtle level for the perception to higher dimensions. Energetically the perception is thus expanded upwards and beyond the physical limits of the body. The perception is intensified and expanded.


This product is specifically aimed at the subtle mental field. An opening and clarifying reorientation arises. The energy field around the body (the aura) is smoothed, knots are loosened. A general purification as well as a clarity penetrates into the consciousness. My mental dimension relaxes, I become calmer. Because I use all three symbolic images in the same room, I feel very clearly a cleansing effect. Every visitor also relaxes very much, it seems as if he or she arrives „at home“ so to speak and can relax. I see this especially when people yawn.

If I place the symbolic pictures under the bed (or at the foot end, the middle or the head end), I feel a calming and sleep-promoting effect – my sleep is more restful and I dream more intensely. Even when I am restless, I can fall asleep more easily. It seems to me that my body is charged – I have more energy and feel „clearer“ the next day. The longer I lie in my bed equipped in this way, the more clearly these effects can be felt.

Testing 5D hyperwave WiFi Sticker, laminated

This sticker or the Safe Space Card will suppress interferences which are manifested within food – even if it is only in contact with such food for one second. If food is brought into contact with those products over a longer period of time, an intensive energetic revaluation takes place. I tolerate food better and my allergy symptoms show up much less. I have the feeling that I am taking in something healthy, something good. Food is generally exposed to many interfering frequencies before it is in our home. We absorb these disturbing effects into our body if we do not neutralize them. This also affects crystals and precious stones. With this product, I can also suppress and reorient and energize all kinds of objects of daily use by mere contact. In this way I can trigger an improvement in function or a positive energy charge.

Testing 5D Hyperwave Crystalline Cell Sound on Dibond

This product generates an intensely clarifying, energetically nourishing light field. I perceive it energetically as a spherical radiating rainbow explosion. With this product I personally perceive the most intensive effect.


The products are of very high quality and have qualities that go far beyond electro-smog suppression. They generate healing supporting fields. They are really projects of the heart.

Note by 5D hyperwave:

The individual sensations of the tester Alexander Zahn regarding the laminated symbols are his individual perceptions on a physical and on an energetical level. These statements are consistent with those of visitors to our stand at a raw food fair in Berlin, the Rohvolution in March 2018. Next year we will be there again. The symbols all have the same performance/power and serve as an ALL-IN-ONE solution for techno-pathic and geopathic interference fields. An electron-enriched, nature-identical field is created by this technology. Regeneration processes may be perceived differently from person to person. The body’s own self-healing power is intensified in its performance, corresponding processes are thus faster.

Alexander Zahn/5 D Hyperwave – Effectiveness experience report