The human brain can be considered a biological computer. However, in our digital age, the brain is exposed to an extremely high sensation overflow. To be more precise: nowadays, hardly anyone gives their brain the necessary rest within 24 hours. With this graphic and the activation of the self-healing powers, the sensational overload can be transformed into a zone of wellness and healing within a very short time: the left and right hemispheres of the brain can adapt to each other better in this atmosphere and at the same time the activation of the pineal glands can take place smoothly and powerfully.

Insomnia and constant tiredness during the day can be neutralized. The electron system in the bioelectric body again runs negentropically (increasing vitality). The human body receives the same information as it does in untouched nature. The mind feels clearer. The graphic represents the two halves of the brain. The lack of clarity can dissolve.