5D hyperwave cell phone sticker


The mobile phone sticker from 5D hyperwave is an extraordinary mobile accessory in the digital age. It is stuck on the mobile phone, smartphone, babyphone, laptop or tablet. It converts the artificially generated mobile radio frequencies and WiFi frequencies into physically compatible frequencies. The frequencies that hit the human body are made biocompatible for the bioelectric system of the human body. By applying this sticker, the user can activate his self-healing powers, because a negative load by frequencies is dissolved and so the metabolic processes can work trouble-free. Anyone who is in the same area benefits as well. This is also interesting for young parents, who are constantly with their little ones and often use the mobile phone, unless they are in unspoiled nature. Even without mobile phone use, the sticker builds up a permanent protective field so that all radio frequencies generated by bystanders are also converted in a beneficial way anyone who is around.

The use of the mobile phone sticker is thus a solution to the acute threat of electromagnetic stress and at the same time a precautionary protection, as it harmonises any frequencies which would have been harmful in the first place. This product provides impressive experiences especially for electro-sensitive people. Protection is even more important for infants, children and adolescents than for adults, as the skullcaps of juveniles and younger ones are much thinner and therefore have less protection.

With electro-acupuncture measurements on skin resistance and scanning by bioresonance devices, it can be clearly measured that with the application of this mobile phone sticker, electron loss is converted into electron gain. The biophotons (light of the cells) can bring themselves back into coherence (order) with the effect of free electrons. All cells benefit in the same way from this energy gain. Free electrons support vitality and without frequency stress from outside, the cells can flourish.

In the area of water treatment, the production of free electrons by electrolysis is also often used. This is water sufficiently enriched with electrons (e.g. hexagonally structured alkaline active water) – which is very vitality enhancing.

Description of the mobile phone sticker

Radius 25 mm

Material: Air channel adhesive film for fast and bubble-free bonding, firmly adhering, long-term durable premium film (6-8 years)

The sticker must be detached from the carrier material and stuck to the respective areas.

PS The sticker is sold without any phone.