Biophotonic Balance

Light impulses control the metabolism in the bioelectric human body (about one trillion impulses per second). At the same time this process is supplemented by biochemical processes. Nowadays, the human body is individually challenged and weakened by performance stress and strong environmental influences. The intensity with which this happens depends on the geographical location.

The number of electrosensitive people has been growing drastically for several years and their physical condition is deteriorating noticeably. This informed graphic provides a frequency conversion to suppress interferences and to activate the self-healing powers. The human body can thus return to a natural energy balance thanks to the natural body intelligence.

The order (i.e. the coherence) of the biophoton balance in the human body (namely the light of the cells) is supported. Light stabilisation in the cell by free electrons. With this function the energy flow on the meridians can also be newly regulated (light can be considered as acupuncture without needles). The lasting effect of this frequency conversion varies from person to person. See also: Biophoton research by Professor Dr. Albert Popp.