Biophotonic Balance

Biophoton amulet „Talisman“

Protective amulet and enhancer or creative consciousness

The amulet can provide a safe space for the user which will protect him from electro-smog and provide him with biophoton energy. This will send pleasant vital information right into the body cells. The talisman is a source for more clarity, centering, activation of self-healing powers and may enhance and positively change the creative power of consciousness.

The effective range is approx. 1.5 -2.0 m, depending on how many 5D hyperwave products are already in use and in which environment the user is staying at a given point in time.

The amulet is an ideal addition to the cell phone sticker or the Safe Space Card Nature as a protection against any high and low frequency radiation exposure (like 4G, 5G etc).

The biophoton amulet „Talisman“ works the same way the Safe Space Card does. The amulet is an ideal accessory for travels and provides protection from radiation of any kind (more so e. g. in airplanes or cities with 5G installations). Also, you might feel less fatigue (because more electrons will be added to your system).

By means of the user-friendly, length-adjustable fastener the amulet can be perfectly adjusted on the area of the thymus gland.

First trials have shown that the amulet is able to intensify the effect of the 5D hyperwave field in combination with one of our other products (namely the mobile phone sticker and/or the Safe Space Card (nature)). The amulet also supports the grounding of the energy field which is innate to the human body. This can be seen from the fact that users of the amulet have reported to be far less aware of electrostatic charges than without wearing it – whenever they touched objects (door handles, banisters, etc.) or when they came close to other people.

As with our other products, the electrons of artificially generated electromagnetic radiation fields and geopathogenic interference fields are turned to the „right“ (within the atom) and are producing energy to the benefit of the human body instead of taking it from it. When you are wearing the talisman on your skin, the electromagnetic fields of your body will intensify the product´s effect.

Animals can also benefit from the 5D hyperwave field when they wear the talisman on their collar.


Stainless steel frame, glass, leather chain, adjustable closure. The built-in, informed Sun Sound Chip has a diameter of 3 cm. Waterproof bonding.

Weight: 16 g