Annett MöbiusAnnett Möbius

As a co-creator of 5D hyperwave and with a background of many years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have been investing my creativity, my energy and creative power for 5D hyperwave and I supported the company in the start-up phase. It was our „co-creation“.

Now that Ralf has left this physical realm so suddenly, I will continue to make this co-creation in cooperation with Claus and many other helpers available to people for distribution and use. The information from 5D hyperwave has an efficiency of at least 99.9 % in this respect.


Ralf’s part in this creation remains fully valid, because the 5D hyperwave and the corresponding products remain fully effective and programmed even after the death of their creators.

I am convinced that everything happens for a reason, but that such reasons – occasionally – can only be understood years later.

And I am infinitely grateful that I was allowed to spend the last 4.5 years of Ralf´s life with him. He was a unique spiritual teacher and coach of the „New Energy“, a mystic, consciousness researcher and musician.


5D hyperwave is a consciousness technology. The word „technology“ does not cover this kind of functionality, because 5D hyperwave is informed in an analogous – not in a technical way -. This is why I call 5D hyperwave the creators‘ field of consciousness, which is brought into matter through the colour spectrum, with the symbols and the carrier material.

This field of consciousness cannot be externally manipulated and may work as long as it is beneficial to humanity.

I am aware that the previous explanations might be difficult to understand regarding the functionality. Of course, we are working with trade secrets, too.

Quantum physical processes have been researched for at least 100 years.

There is enough literature, research results, studies by scientists who have already proven a lot. It is the personal responsibility of every sceptic to approach this topic without prejudice.

You don´t need to believe it at all. 5D hyperwave exists and performs its task independently of the individual’s belief.

The 5D hyperwave field does not manipulate the user.


Historically, we have now reached a point where people are becoming aware that their being-ness does not only consist of their physical bodies. People understand more and more that they can not only identify with their physical appearance, but that they are great creator beings which consist of pure consciousness, which is interwoven with all that is, was and ever will be, and that through the spirit they form matter and also create their reality by their own thoughts and actions.

„There is no matter, only a web of energies that has been given form by intelligent spirit. This spirit is source of all matter.“ Max Planck

With my heart and in my memories I am connected to Ralf and I am sure that he keeps watching and visiting from the other realm from time to time.