The 5D hyperwave technology

5D hyperwave provides a frequency conversion technology that represents a sophisticated and useful new development in today’s digital age. It is a protection and prevention technology for all cell phones, smartphones, DECT phones, baby phones and technical devices which are connected with WiFi routers. If frequencies are regulated in a way that they are in harmony with nature, biocompatibility is the result.

The suppressed body field

Neutralization of all possible rays and radiation in your personal environment

This novel vibration technology is a vital assistant to reduce the overflow of sensations which are perceived by us on a daily basis. A mobile phone sticker, a WiFi router, a Safe Space Card (you can wear it anywhere at your body) and more products can reliably provide that the users of mobile phones, (also public) WiFi routers and hotspots, will no longer be impacted or affected in their health by electro smog (namely by high or even low frequencies).

You can now make phone calls or browse the internet without harming your body. This technology protects especially children, juveniles and embryos from dangerous exposure to radiation of all kinds.

Artificially generated electromagnetic fields (generated by mobile phone radiation, radar and other radiation, overhead lines and power lines) are converted by our technology into nature-identical fields that are compatible with humans (clockwise torsion fields). In this field, metabolic processes in the bioelectric body can run smoothly because an imminent or existing electron spin inversion will be regulated. An inexhaustible energy source is being built up.

What does that mean? Nature-identical fields have dextrorotatory electrons and are vitality-enhancing, and artificially generated electromagnetic fields have left-turning electrons. The artificial fields generate energy loss. The human body is very vulnerable when it is exposed to many kinds of radiation and other environmental pollution.

Research in epigenetics points to DNA changes caused by current environmental influences. The water balance of humans is also extremely strained, depending on their individual geographical location. The blood-brain barrier – which is supposed to serve as a biological protection in humans – is severely impaired by the worldwide, permanent continuous radiation which is affecting people at any time of day or night. This can be stopped.

Harmonization of the human body and of living spaces

The modulation technology is based on six symbols: Sun Sound Chip, Electric Smog Harmony, Crystalline Cell Sound, Biophotonic Balance, Pineal Gland Activation and Clarity.

All six pictures are available in sizes from 20 x 20cm as technology for suppression of unhealthy interferences in offices, residences and other buildings in general. The product tests were completed with outstanding results. Electro-sensitive people in particular were surprised that their health improved considerably thanks to our products. These were people who no longer believed that there was a solution for them.