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The 5D hyperwave technology

5D hyperwave provides a frequency conversion technology that represents a sophisticated and useful new development in today’s digital age. It is a protection and prevention technology for all cell phones, smartphones, DECT phones, baby phones and technical devices which are connected with WiFi routers. If frequencies are regulated in a way that they are in harmony with nature, biocompatibility is the result. This novel vibration technology is a vital assistant to reduce the overflow of sensations which are perceived by us on a daily basis. Provided are a cellphone sticker, a WiFi sticker, a Safe Space Card […]

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Harmonization of:

  • Cell phone & WiFi radiation

  • Power and fuse boxes

  • Residential and office space

  • Stores and warehouses

  • Drinking water and water pipes

  • Geopathic interference fields

Harmonization as a package (All-in-One)

The use of digital devices with mobile radio technologies, radar and radio technologies (mobile phones, smart phones, baby phones, DECT phones, Bluetooth etc.) generate electrosmog in high frequencies. This can be clearly measured. The experts argue about the limit values.

So that the body does not have to deal with this situation on the cellular level, these artificial frequencies are immediately converted into compatible frequencies due to the generated natural field. The cells can work in a relaxed manner and the metabolism is no longer affected. Harmonisation with 5D hyperwave is used in the following areas: […]

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